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/how to get married in poland? details on how to get married for foreigners in poland

How to get married in Poland? Details on how to get married for foreigners in Poland

Firstly, we would like to congratulate you! If you are reading this article, then you are most likely planning to get married. Love is something that has no boundaries, especially geographical ones. Many citizens of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and other countries find themselves in situations where they need to get married while in Poland.

We will not talk about the fact that this is an important and responsible step, but rather tell you about how the process of marriage in Poland differs from other countries. Read on to find out how foreigners can get married in Poland in 2024 and what they need to do so.


List of documents required for the marriage of foreigners in Poland

Before you go to the registry office to apply for marriage, you need to take care of all the necessary documents, namely about:

  • Application in which you express your wish to marry another person;

  • Identity document of the man and the woman;

  • Birth certificate of the man and the woman;

  • Document proving that there are no obstacles to marriage according to the legislation of the country of your citizenship (you can obtain such a document from the consulate of your country in Poland);

  • Certificate from the court authorizing the marriage (if you are under 18 years of age);

  • Certificate of divorce or invalidation of marriage (if you have been married before).

IMPORTANT: all the above documents required for marriage must be translated into Polish by a notary.


How to get married in Poland in 2024?

We should start with the fact that there must be two parties to a marriage - a man and a woman. There is no mention in Polish law of which citizens of which countries can marry in Poland. It can be citizens of two different countries, one foreigner and a Polish citizen, or two Polish citizens. It is also worth noting that marriage to a Polish citizen is an excellent prospect for obtaining a residence permit with the right to employment and later citizenship (especially if you have children together). What should you do to get married in Poland?

Document collection. First of all, collect all the necessary documents that are required in your case. Do not forget to translate all documents into Polish.

Obtaining a certificate from the court that there are no obstacles to the registration of the marriage. You can't get married without this certificate.

Visit to the Registry Office (Urząd stanu cywilnego). You need to come to the registry office, give the documents and then you will be assigned a date for registration.

Marriage registration. On the date you have been assigned to register, you must go to the registry office together with two witnesses, who must have their original passports with them. After the whole procedure, you will be able to collect your marriage certificate.

IMPORTANT: those women who plan to change their surname to their husband's surname should write an application to do so after the marriage is registered. Here you can see a blank form to be filled in to change the surname.


Registration of marriage in Poland for citizens of Ukraine

Ukrainian citizens are now able to marry in Poland under an even simplified procedure. On 3 February 2023, a law came into force stating that Ukrainians can get married in the official consulates of Ukraine on the territory of the Republic of Poland.

Today, the number of Ukrainian consulates in Poland is only five. They are located in the largest cities of the country:

  • Warsaw. Address: ul. Antoniego Malczewskiego 17, 02-617. Working phone number: +48-22-621-39-79;

  • Gdansk. Address: ul. Bernarda Chrzanowskiego 60-A, 80-278. Working phone number: +48-58-34-606-90;

  • Wrocław. Address: ul. pl. Biskupa Nankiera 7, 50-140. Working phone: +48 71 712 76 00;

  • Lublin. Address: ul. 3Maja 14, 20-078. Working phone number: +48-81-531-88-89;

  • Krakow. Address: al. Beliny-Prażmowskiego 4, 31-514. Working phone number: +48-12-429-60-66.

The above consulates not only offer marriage but also other services including:

  • Registration of marriage in Poland – 415 PLN;

  • Dissolution of marriage in Poland – up to PLN 663;

  • Change of name – 415 PLN;

  • Change of civil status records – 125 PLN.

Generally the process of marrying foreigners in Poland is not much complicated. However, many people have many questions that they cannot find an answer to. The aksis migration agency will always help you to understand and register your marriage in Poland!


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