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/how to change driving license for taxi drivers in 2024? current changes and requirements to work as a driver in poland

How to change driving license for taxi drivers in 2024? Current changes and requirements to work as a driver in Poland

There are quite a lot of job and work options for foreigners in Poland, but one of the favorite occupations of foreigners in Poland is working as a cab driver. No wonder why many people prefer to work as a driver – decent pay, no bosses and flexible working hours.

To work in passenger transportation you will definitely need a car, Uber, Bolt, FreeNow apps and of course a driver's license. Read on to find out what innovations await all foreign taxi drivers in Poland.


Request for replacement of driver's license

Let's start with the fact that by October 1, 2023, all transportation companies had to perform a background check on their entire staff of drivers. But now, the changes also affect the driver's license, which is the No. 1 document for working in the taxi industry.

All foreign drivers are required to replace their driver's license with a Polish one by June 17, 2024 in order to continue working in the taxi industry. This necessity has arisen due to changes in the road transportation law. As for foreigners who drive a car for personal purposes - they can travel in Poland on the basis of a driving license for no more than 183 days. And those who have a PESEL UKR due to the special situation for refugees can use Ukrainian license until March 4, 2024.

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Are there fines for violation of passenger transportation regulations?

The Ministry's new requirement that all passenger transportation must be carried out only by persons holding a Polish driver's license has been officially registered in Polish law. What does this mean for entrepreneurs?

The new law increases fines – up to PLN 1 million for entrepreneurs acting as intermediaries in the field of transport and for persons carrying out transportation, for violation of obligations stipulated by the law. The law provides for a number of violations that will be penalized. For example, acting as an intermediary in the transportation of people without the necessary license – PLN 500,000 and for failure to submit and not submitting for inspection a device on which a mobile application is installed – PLN 12,000.

And the drivers who work in cabs on mobile applications Uber, Bolt, FreeNow, Opti, iTaxi and others, in the absence of Polish rights will simply not be able to use the application and accept new orders.


Nuances when replacing a driver's license

1. If you work through an intermediary company like Uber, you can request an «Umowa Zlecenia/o Prace» contract to speed up the procedure, so that you confirm your intention and qualifications, as well as your attachment to the job. In the case of «Umowa trojstronna», this does not work.

2. Exchanging expired driver's licenses. If the license expires, then it is better to replace the license beforehand. In the case of Ukrainian citizens, a medical certificate can be issued at the «passport service DP», then the license will be issued for the period of validity of the medical certificate. In the case of the application «DIYA» you are waiting for a completely different scenario.

3. Poland issues a license for 15 years, in case your license has no expiration date. This is the maximum period. In addition to your basic category B, you will get a B1, in case of a C, you will get a C1 and so on.


How to change a driver's license in Poland in 2024?

The first method of reissuing a Polish driver's license involves replacing the license yourself. Here is how the whole process looks like:

Document collection. The driver needs to gather the entire package of documents, including:

  • Valid passport and a copy of it;

  • Sworn translation of your driver's license;

  • Fresh color photographs (size 35 x 45 mm; white background);

  • Completed application for replacement of driving license;

  • In case of PESEL UKR (scan), a passport stamped with a PESEL UKR stamp;

  • Document confirming your legal stay on the territory of Poland (residence card or visa);

  • Certificate from the medical commission;

  • Document of your residence in the country (rental agreement) for at least 6 months;

  • Original driver's license and its copy in Polish;

  • Invoice for payment of state fees: 100 PLN for the receipt, 125 PLN for the consular fee and 0.50 PLN for data processing (in the case of citizens of Belarus, 50 EUR is paid separately);

  • Agreement for the processing of personal data.

Filling in the form. You need to fill out an application to replace your driver's license, which you can get in person at Urząd or simply download by clicking on this link.

Submission of documents. The collected set of documents and the application must be submitted in person to the local council (urząd miejski) where you are registered or, if you are from the suburbs, to Starostwo Powiatowe.

Waiting. You will be notified of the readiness of your new license by e-mail or by sending a message to the contact phone number you previously provided in your application.

Receiving. At the time of application, you will keep your original driver's license, but you will have to surrender your national license when you get your Polish one. You can find out when you will be able to get your license on the website or at this link.

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The second method of changing driver's license for a Polish one is suitable for all those who do not have time or do not want to deal with the process themselves. You can turn to specialists who will deal with your case personally. Migration agency aksis will help you to change your driver's license to a Polish one in the shortest possible time, without the need to retake the exam. Contact aksis to get a new Polish driver's license as soon as possible and to be able to work in the field of passenger transportation.


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