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/how to cancel deportation from poland in 2023? reasons, recommendations and procedure for appealing against deportation

How to cancel deportation from Poland in 2023? Reasons, recommendations and procedure for appealing against deportation

Have you ever wondered what such a scary thing could happen in another country? Probably, for every foreigner in Poland, the most frightening words from the Urząd or the Border Guard are deportation from the country.

What to do next? Should you really have to leave Poland and go back to your native country? In this article, we will deal with the topic of deportation from Poland in detail and reveal all sorts of secrets. Enjoy reading this article!


What is the difference between deportation and an entry ban?

It may seem a bit strange, but many foreigners do not understand and confuse two unpleasant concepts: deportation from the country and entry ban. Let's get to the bottom of it.

  • Deportation is the process of sending a person in its territory back to his or her country of origin or to a country of which the person is a national.

  • Entry ban is a measure taken by migration authorities that prevents certain foreign nationals or persons from entering the country. A ban on entry to Poland can already be a consequence of deportation.

It is very important for a foreigner to be able to distinguish between deportation and non-deportation, because it directly affects whether he or she will be able to return back to Poland. The following cases do not constitute deportation:

  • You have not confirmed the availability of a certain amount of money to enter Poland (refusal is marked with G).

  • You do not have the necessary grounds authorizing entry into the territory of Poland (refusal is marked with C).

  • You do not have the necessary documents to enter the territory of Poland (refusal is marked with A).

  • You lack one or more documents for entry into the territory of Poland (refusal is marked with E).

In such cases, you will be able to fix the refusal problem and if you do everything right, you will be allowed to enter Poland without any problems.


The most popular reasons for deporting a foreigner from Poland

There are actually quite a lot of actual reasons for deporting a foreigner from Poland, but we have gathered the most popular reasons for you:

  • Criminal and/or administrative violations.

  • Use and/or realization of false documents (passport, residence card, visa, etc.).

  • Illegal employment and/or illegal business.

  • Threat to the security of society or the state as a whole.

  • Problems with documents that allow you to officially live in Poland (visas, residence cards and other residence permit documents).

  • Being on the SIS (Schengen Information System) list.

In some cases, there are not only deportation and entry bans, but even fines. More information about why you can be deported is available in the official regulation.


Who and how makes the decision for deporting foreigners?

The Border Guard Service (Straż Graniczna) decides on the mandatory return of a foreigner (deportation) in Poland. The issued document specifies the period of voluntary return, which ranges from 15 to 30 days, as well as information on how long the ban on entry to Poland or the Schengen area will be in force. It may cover a period from 6 months to 5 years, depending on the circumstances that served as the basis for the decision.


Cancellation of deportation of a foreigner from Poland

As it happens, in this world you can solve absolutely everything, even such a terrible decision as deportation from the country. Once you have received a deportation decision, you have 7 working days to appeal against it. You can appeal not only in Poland, but also in other countries.

→ Step 1. Writing the application. The application is handwritten in Polish and you can request a sample application from Urząd, where the decision on your deportation came from.

→ Step 2. Sending the application. The application is submitted to the Voivode (Urząd Wojewódzki), and the decision is made by the Foreigners' Office. For example, here is the official website of the Voivodeship Office in Poznan.

→ Step 3. Waiting for a decision. You will receive a decision based on the information you have provided. It is therefore important to leave only actual ways of contacting you.

We will be honest with you, it is very difficult to appeal against deportation and win a case on your own, as you need to know Polish law very well. To significantly increase your chances of having your deportation from Poland annulled, it is best to turn to professionals. Migration agency aksis knows all the various legal grounds for canceling the decision to deport a foreigner from the country. Our agents will be happy to help you in a difficult situation for a positive resolution of your issue!


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