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/how can a large family card help you save money in poland?

How can a large family card help you save money in Poland?

Living in Poland is considered quite affordable by the standards of the European Union. France, Germany, Austria and other European countries require much more income to live comfortably. However, if you don't live in Poland by yourself and you have several children, you are sure to have a lot of expenses waiting for you every month.

For families with many children, Poland has come up with special conditions that will help reduce your living expenses. If you are a member of a large family and want to know how to get benefits, read on. Today we will tell you about the special large family card «Karta Dużej Rodziny» and how to get it in Poland.


What is the large family card in Poland?

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The large family card is a special program for families with 3 or more children. Thanks to this card, family members can receive discounts and additional benefits both in public institutions and private companies. Such a card is not issued in physical form, but it can be added to the mObywatel mobile application.

Can foreign families get such a card? Generally so, but the large family card is available only for certain categories of foreigners. We will tell you more about this below.


Who can apply for a large family card?

All parents who have or have had at least three dependent children are eligible for a large family card. The age of the children, the place of residence of the children and the monthly income of the parents are not important. If you adopted a child from an orphanage, you can also receive benefits. The main thing is that you have full rights over the custody of the child. Here are which foreigners can get a large family card:

  • Holders of European Union residency;

  • Holders of permanent residence cards;

  • Holders of a temporary residence card;

  • Foreigners who are in Poland on humanitarian grounds or have temporary protection.


What discounts does the large family card offer?

The holders of the large family card have the opportunity to use the offers of food, fuel, banking, entertainment and other companies at a lower cost. In general, holders of such benefits are granted many discounts and privileges in Poland. We have collected the most popular discounts:

  • Discounts at gas stations: Circle K, Orlen, Shell and Stop Cafe products;

  • Discounts at Lidl (10%), Carrefour (10%), Auchan (5%);

  • 10% discount at Cocodrillo and Martes, 20% at Świat Książki;

  • Discounts on POLREGIO trains (e.g. 49% discount for a monthly ticket, 37% discount for a single trip), discounts on PKP Intercity family fares (e.g. 30% for both tickets when traveling with at least two people);

  • Discounts on document fees (e.g. 50% discount for parents);

  • Cheaper LOT flights (10% discount for travel in all classes, 50% discount on various services, e.g. extra baggage);

  • Discounts on insurance;

  • Free entrance to parks.

You can find a full list of places where your large family card can provide a discount on the official website.


What is needed to get a large family card?

You must submit an application to the municipality of your place of residence to obtain a large family certificate. This can also be done electronically, through the Emp@tia information and service platform. The list of institutions that accept applications for a large family card can be found here. In addition to the application, you will also need to bring your passport or residence card, birth certificates of your children and proof that you have parental rights.


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