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/financial aid for foreigners under international protection in poland. what do you need to get financial aid for refugees?

Financial aid for foreigners under international protection in Poland. What do you need to get financial aid for refugees?

In the last few years, the number of those people who have to seek shelter and assistance in other countries has increased dramatically. This is especially true for Ukrainian citizens, who after February 24, 2022 began to leave en masse for the territory of Poland. Only according to official statistics, about 5 million people from Ukraine came to the territory of Poland. In fact, this figure is much higher.

In Polish law there is a special law on providing international aid to those who need it. In this article we will understand who are considered refugees, what international protection is, what are its advantages and much more.


Difference between temporary protection and international protection in Poland

Today there are many terms that are often used, but many people do not understand what they really mean. As far as Poland is concerned, there are two terms: temporary protection and international protection. Let us look at what the difference between these terms is.

  • Temporary protection (ochrona czasowa). This is a relatively new term in Polish law, which appeared after the beginning of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Such a special law is regulated by Rozdział 3 Specustawy. It extends such protection to all foreigners who came to Poland from Ukraine after February 24, 2022 and meet certain requirements.

  • International protection (оchrona międzynarodowa). The Act on International Protection in Poland has existed since 2003. It is granted to someone whose life is threatened in their home country for a variety of reasons. Moreover, international protection in Poland cannot be granted automatically. You must prove to the Polish side that you meet the above criteria and that you really need asylum. International protection has become especially important for residents from Ukraine who cannot obtain a passport or renew it while in Poland because of the new mobilization law. Ukrainians can apply for this status even without a passport.

In simple terms, international protection is granted mainly to those who are threatened in their home country because of their political views, skin color, religion, sexual orientation or belonging to a certain social group. But temporary protection is granted specifically to Ukrainians who have fled war and need assistance. Such a law was signed on March 12, 2022 and is regularly extended.


Processing of international protection in Poland

The essence of this law on international protection is to provide foreigners from different countries with special living conditions and special status. Foreigners with refugee status receive a residence permit, namely a three-year residence card or a Geneva passport. In general, the duration of refugees' stay in Poland is indefinite. IMPORTANT: you can request international assistance only if you have already crossed the border and are on Polish territory.

So, how do you get refugee status for international protection in Poland? The process of obtaining international protection is not very simple and takes place at the border services. You need to take the necessary documents with you, such as:

  • A document that proves your identity in Poland. In most cases this is a passport, birth certificate or marriage certificate.

  • Evidence that can prove that you meet the criteria for assistance.

  • A 3x4 cm color photo.

  • A completed application for asylum in Poland.

Also note that foreigners are fingerprinted at the end of the procedure. If you have a child, you must also issue a special status for him/her. Children under the age of 14 do not need to come with you personally to the registration, it is enough just to take his/her documents. Moreover, applicants are also additionally photographed, have medical examinations and an interview.


Main advantages of international protection in Poland

There are many ways to legalize in Poland, but do all of them provide excellent conditions, benefits and indefinite stay? Obviously not, such special conditions are granted to foreigners with refugee status. International protection in general offers many advantages for foreigners:

Indefinite stay in the country. Foreigners who have taken advantage of international protection automatically receive a residence permit in Poland for 2-3 years with extension. If you have lived with this status for more than 5 years, you can apply for permanent residence in the country.

→ Large financial assistance. Certainly, people who have moved to another country also need additional finances. Foreigners with refugee status can receive large financial benefits, including 12 thousand PLN.

Employment. Refugee status allows you to legally work in Poland and even open your own business.

Medicine and education. Foreigners can use medical and educational services on an equal footing with Polish citizens.

This is only a small part of the benefits that international refugees receive in Poland. Therefore, we recommend you not to hesitate, but to take advantage of an excellent opportunity to legalize in Poland in the easiest way possible and receive large financial benefits. The team of experienced aksis migration agents will help you to take advantage of international protection in Poland in the shortest possible time.


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