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/entering the eu countries with your own car. registration of a green card for crossing the border by car in 2023

Entering the EU countries with your own car. Registration of a green card for crossing the border by car in 2023

Are you a citizen of a non-European Union country but wish to travel or do business in European countries using your own transport? It is more than possible, but you should prepare for the trip in advance and prepare some documents.

What is a green card and what are the additional requirements for crossing the border with your own car - this is what we will talk about in this article. Please take a comfortable seat and here we go!


What is a green card and who needs it?

All citizens of Ukraine, Georgia, Russia and other countries who are planning to enter Poland, Lithuania, Slovakia, Czech Republic and other EU countries by their own car must purchase a green card insurance policy.

Let's start with the fact that the green card is an international document, which is quoted in many countries. Today there are 48 of them:

  • Poland

  • Austria

  • Czech Republic

  • Italy

  • Bulgaria

  • France

  • And other countries (full list of countries you can check here)

In simple words, a green card is an analogue of the well-known MTPL insurance, only such a card is valid abroad. Moreover, a green card can be issued not only for passenger cars, but also for motorbikes and lorries.


Peculiarities of travelling by car for Ukrainians

Starting from 24 February 2024 from the beginning of the full-scale invasion, Ukrainians were allowed to travel to Poland without this green card. The reason is that at that time the Polish authorities simply met the needs of Ukrainian refugees and simplified the conditions for crossing the border. However, since recently everything has changed and today the green card is again required to provide at the border with Europe.

Green Card for a car to Poland covers possible losses caused to property or health of third parties. For example, the coverage limit of an insurance policy in Poland is one million euros for property and five million euros for health. And the cost of a green card to Poland is minimal, compared to the potential losses from the damage caused. In turn, Ukrainian insurance companies provide 50% discounts for registration and insurance.

  • The cost of a green card depends on the type of vehicle

  • Minimum period of use – 15 days, maximum period – 1 year

  • It is easy and simple to apply for a green card online

  • Your vehicle must have MTPL insurance to apply for a green card

  • The green card does not have to be printed out to show at the border, it can be shown electronically from your smartphone


Peculiarities of travelling by car for Belarusians

On 31 May 2023, all insurances issued by Belarusian companies for your car for crossing the border, namely the green card, ceased to be valid in the territory of the European Union. What is the way out of the situation?

First method. Obtain foreign insurance online. For example, if you have planned your route to Poland, you can try to get Polish insurance for your car online and then leave Belarus with this insurance.

Second method. Obtain insurance in the territory of another country. For example, if you have planned your route to Poland, you should apply to an insurance company already in Poland, which is located at the border.


Is it possible not to get a green card for travelling abroad?

Buying and using a green card policy is a prerequisite for travelling abroad with your car. Lack of international insurance can lead to quite serious penalties, including:

  • Financial penalty up to 1000 euros

  • Obtaining a long-term ban on entry into the country

  • Return to your home country

  • Even vehicle seizure


What to do if you have a road accident abroad

If you have taken out a green card before travelling, you are not afraid of any losses for road accidents abroad. However, it is necessary to know the correct algorithm of actions in case of an accident in another country:

→ Fixation of the accident place. The best thing to do is to fix the place of the road traffic accident and capture everything on camera.

→ Call the police. It is imperative to call the police to the place of the accident so that they can officially draw up a report.

→ Road traffic accident report. Next, you need to contact the local police and request an accident report.

→ Contacting your insurance company. Within 15 days of the accident, you should contact your insurance company and notify them of the accident.



As you may have realized after reading this article, it is impossible to travel to the EU territory with your own car without international insurance. A green card will not only help you cross the border, but will also protect you from possible problems and huge financial losses. Moreover, you can apply for a green card online in no time – it is an easy and simple process.


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